Sri Lanka Driver Udaya

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Hi Udaya!
Thanks for the news, I am very happy for you!
I can see you have a brand new car which is much bigger than the previous one it's great!
You can be sure I and my friends Guillaume and Fanny will never forget you and your happiness!
All the best for your family too, I hope you will fulfill all your dreams and thanks for having make us discover your wonderful country Sri Lanka.
Amaury - France

Hi Udaya and Michelle,


Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you.  Yes, we arrived back in the US safely.  I immediately went straight back to work and Tina moved from Chicago to Florida to start our lives together!  Thank you so much for your kindness!  We will remember our Sri Lanka trip forever.


-David and Tina                       USA



 Dear Udaya

Yes we are now back in Saudi  we had such a wonderful time in Sri Lanka and can't get wait to return. Thank you so much for making it so great. it was so lovely to be met at the airport with such enthusiasm. You enabled us to see so much in such a short time space we had so much fun with all the surprises you arranged.

Thank you so much - we had an amazing time and will definetely be in contact when we are return.

Wishing you all the best

Frank and Kathy


To Whom It May Concern,

We hired Udaya (  mobile + 94  77 166 0008) for a four-day trip around the Cultural Triangle in October 2010. We are a family of four, two adults (one of whom was quite pregnant) and two young children. Udaya made our trip as easy, fun, and comfortable as he possibly could. He was 100% reliable, always showing up exactly when and where he said he would, a smile on his face. He drove with great care. He served as a casual guide, even helping to explain the recent history of Sri Lanka to us. He was absolutely charming with the kids, who took to him immediately. I did some comparative shopping before we hired him, and his prices seemed more than fair. I recommend Udaya highly!


Kate Darnton  USA

17 out 2010


Dear Udaya and Michelle,
A big thank you from the Bolding family for such a great trip. We were royally looked after 24 hours a day and the balance of what we saw was fantastic.
We will recommend your services and the whole family would like to return to Sri Lanka which shows what a success it was.
Wishing you health and happiness to you and your family.
Dr Keith, Lynda, Pip and Will


Hi Udaya
This is a copy of the email I just sent to the Fulbright office in Colombo .
Good to see you today!

John Stifler
Udaya just drove me on a very pleasant trip to Trincomalee, with a stop
at Polonnaruwa on the way back to Kandy , and he was more than
excellent.  Very smart, upbeat, friendly.  His approach to the police
and soldiers at the checkpoints seemed to be, "Either these guys are
already my friends or they will be before we move on," and it works
beautifully.  They all like him, and he knows how to avoid any hassles
either at checkpoints or at hotels.  Also, he seems most definitely not
to milk his customers for commissions at hotels, shops or restaurants.
Also, he speaks fluent Tamil as well as Sinhala, and his English is
about the best of any driver I've had here.  And he charges less than

anyone else whose services I've used.

John                                             professor John Stifler, USA



Udaya:  I had the best time driving with you from Kandy to Trincomalee to Polonnoruwa and back home again!  I will tell all the people I know who come to this magical island country that they should hire you to be their driver.  I am sure you are friends with more policemen and checkpoint soldiers than anyone else in Sri Lanka -- and it makes the entire tour easier.  You have an excellent sense of timing, of how to manage a trip at the right pace.  Thank you again.
John Stifler"
                                                    from Professor John Stifler, USA on facebook


Udaya, you have arranged the most beautiful hotel anyone can imagine! This is a great place, everybody would love it here!

During my two weeks here in beautiful Sri Lanka you have been a great friend and an important help to make the best pictures ever! Glad that I've met you, you make a stay in Sri Lanka an unforgettable one!

As I have been in Sri Lanka several times now, it is the first time that I have been driven around safely. Udaya is a real gentleman in his car.

I have saved more money a man could imagine, your 'negotiation skills' excede mine by 100%, and I am a very experienced traveler I thought....

Best regards from Bentota (where we are going to eat two big lobsters tonight!!)


from Albert Weterings, professional Photographer, The Netherlands


Dear Udaya!

At last we are at home in Ukraine.

First of all I'd like to say a very great thanks for all you have done for us because you did a really great job!

Actually, it was much more than I could even expected. When I was trying to organise our trip I had no contacts at all and I found you in the web randomly. When you are here in Ukraine, all things are seemed from a bit different side and you don't understand things that can be really important in Sri-Lanka. So, when I was searching for somebody in your country I expected only for a driver and nothing else. But we've got much more - you was like a tour guide for us, advisor, person who can allways help us if needed, you even create atmosphere in a trip and trying to rise a humour if smth goes wrong....finally it was really pleasant to spend time with you with a feeling that you have a friend instead of just a person who you've hired for money.

Thanks to you we had a great holidays in Sri-Lanka and got an unforgettable memories about it.

Sri-Lanka is very beautiful and various country! We had a feeling that we've visited not a one small island but as if visited several different countries. Thanks to your help we have seen much more than expected and that was wonderful!

You can have absolutelly no doubts that if somebody of our friends will come to Sri-Lanka we will definatelly reccomend you for them!





Udaya helped me cover as much in a week as others do in several - a  wonderful guy.


-----  Stefan Krakowski from USA  (February 2010)


Hi Udaya

Just wanted to let you know that we made it back safely to HK. Thanks
for everything. We had such a great holiday.



I got a warm recommendation about your services from a friend -

Nahum Donitza, the editor of Yam Magazine  and travel journalist for various magazines    (August 2010)



I hope you are free from April 11-18. Everyone says nice things about you so it would be my good fortune.

 Jeff Kingston        (April 2010)



Hi Udaya,
 I am glad about your politeness on us........We are happy with your deal.
 To tell the truth we got lots of deals with other agents as well... But
 We decided you without any dought because your polite mannaers.

Amal Siriwardana,


Thank you for the excellent service and interesting excursions
If our friends want to go to Sri Lanka , we will certainly recommend you

Maxim and Katya                from Russia



Dear Udaya,
Thank you for your kind mail. Yes we arrived safe and sound back in the uk very tired but with a smile on our faces recalling our wonderful holiday.
Sarah and I thank you for your excellent driving and
the knowledge you passed on to us pointing out places of interest and of places to eat on our travels.
Good wishes to you and your family, God bless you.
Ann Hodgson
                                                                 from UK



.......Wish we were back in Sri Lanka for another holiday already! Speaking of Holidays......You know you are always welcome to visit us in the UK and we will be your guides!
Best wishes to you,  Take care and speak again soon
Matt & Datta
                                  from UK


Dear Michelle and Udaya,
I send same pictures from our trip to Sri Lanka and also same pictures from our country, trips in summer and in winter. I apologize for the delay.

We remember our trip to Sri Lanka very often. It was really nice experience and we will always remember you. I hope we will meet again in Sri Lanka or in Europe.


Dear Michelle and Udaya,
I send same pictures from our trip to Sri Lanka and also same pictures from our country, trips in summer and in winter. I apologize for the delay.

We remember our trip to Sri Lanka very often. It was really nice experience and we will always remember you. I hope we will meet again in Sri Lanka or in Europe.

Dalibor and Dana


Czeck Republic


Hello Udaya! Everything is fine, no problems departing from Sri Lanka in Malaysia . Thank you for the excellent service and interesting excursions (Trincomalee does not count;)) We are all very much. If our friends want to go to Sri Lanka , we will certainly recommend you also sending you some pictures

Maxim and Katya


Dear Udaya,
hope you and your family spend peaceful Christmas days and I wish all of
you all the best for 2010. Thank you once again for showing me your
wonderful country and I really hope to be able to come back with my family.
By the way, at the moment we have around 0 and had already some snow - I
really would wish to enjoy your lovely climate.
Best regards
Martin  Maier                    Austria